Introductory Session

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$40

Beginner Course

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$210

Private Session

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$80

Private Group

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$150

Black Friday Private Session Special (5 Pack)

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$325



Morning Rise

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:$35

Stretch & Tone (Saturday Morning)

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$35

Fit and Tone (Evening)

. Duration:55 mins··. Price:$35

About us

Alina Seright is the owner of the family owned Omni Pilates, LLC, the first private fitness and wellness studio in Southwest Lubbock. Certified in the STOTT PILATES® method, certified injured and special populations as well anyone.

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52 reviews
  • Betsy Bass·

    Denise was very professional and knowledgeable. I was very inspired by my introductory session and signed up for more! Thank you for your skillful instruction 💖

  • Cindy·

    We had a professional and very enjoyable pilates instructor work w my husband and me. He said he will work out again with the very skilled and kind, Alex.

  • Brenda·

    Denise is patient, well versed in Pilates, and kind. She was very helpful to accommodate me with my sore knee throughout the workout. The facility was clean, with great equipment, pleasant music and atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a great workout.

  • Kellie·

    Had an excellent first-time session with Denise. The environment is very comfortable and I never felt overwhelmed. I would highly recommend it to any first-time users who have never done pilates.

  • Liz·

    Great workout with Alex as always. She’s awesome!

  • Liz·

    Denise was amazing. Enjoyed my workout with her! She’s a great instructor and very knowledgeable.

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